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  2. To return to the front page, click on the home icon that appears in the top left corner.
  3. To edit a page, click on the "Edit" folder tab.  Don't forget to save the page with the new changes.
  4. Comments could be added on the "Comments and questions" page, or to any page (simply start typing in the "Add a comment" box at the bottom of the page).   
  5. To create a new page, click on "Create a page."  Use the screen and the toolbar as you would in MS Word.  Once a new page is created, it needs to to be linked to the SideBar via an internal link.

    Wiki Punctuation: Page names cannot include hyphens or apostrophes. 

To add (upload) a document or an image:

  1. Click Edit;
  2. Click on "Insert links > Images and files", and upload the file;
  3. Browse and then upload your document;
  4. Once the file is uploaded, it should appear in the right hand menu;
  5. Position your cursor where you would like the link to go (in the main text box) and then click the filename (in the “Insert Links > Images and files” box).
  6. Save 

The SideBar is the only portion of our wiki which appears on every page and is used as a navigation menu (i.e. a list of links to important pages in our wiki).  

Each page in a wiki needs to be linked to the Sidebar in order to ensure accessibility.


To edit the SideBar:

  1. Edit the SideBar (click the "Edit" link at the bottom of the SideBar).
  2. Place your cursor and click the globe icon, which will take you to a pop-up box for making links.
  3. Choose a pre-existing wiki page if you have already created the page you want to link to. Otherwise, link to a new page (which DOES NOT create the page). The first time you click on that link, it will ask you to create your page.


To deactivate updates (i.e. if you do not wish to get a notification each time a user makes changes)

  • Once you log in, deselect (unclick) "Enable notification," in the box next to the wiki's title. 


  • From the FrontPage, go to myPBwiki and then deselect "Enable Notification."




  • You can also change your notification preferences. 



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