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*Practical tools for research, evaluation and quality improvement are highlighted in blue with an (*).

*Les outils facilitant la recherche, les évaluations et l'amélioration continue de la qualité sont écrits en bleu et précédés d'une astérique (*).




2023 Volume 18

  • Sahin, Deniz (2023). Reducing potentially avoidable acute care transfers from long-term care homes: Developing a taxonomy of interventions and improving approaches to evaluate intervention effectiveness. MFMSJ, 2023:18:e01




2022 Volume 17

  • Almujadidi, Basma (2022). Increasing Physician Intention to Address Social Determinants in Primary Health Care: A qualitative inquiry and pilot RCT in Saudi Arabia. MFMSJ, 2022:17:e01 
  • Gagnon, Justin (2022). Implementation of Electronic Medical Records in Primary Care: Case Study of Québec Health Policy. MFMSJ, 2022:17:e02
  • Farid, Doaa (2022). Immigration and health disparities: insights from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging. MFMSJ, 2022:17:e03
  • El Sherif, Reem (2022). Exploring the Outcomes of Proxy Online Health Information Seeking Behaviour. MFMSJ, 2022:17:e04



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