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Le présent wiki fournit aux chercheurs et étudiants en soins de première ligne un site Internet libre pour publier leurs rapports de recherche qui peuvent être ensuite cités dans les articles révisés par les pairs.

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This wiki  provides researchers and students in primary care with a free website to publish their research report and theses in English or French for further reference in peer-review publications.

Comité éditorial - Editorial Board


Guide à l'usage des auteurs - Instructions to authors


Note: Using www.webcitation.org, we will provide authors with a permanent URL for further reference. The system will take a ‘snapshot’ of the wikipage with abstract, so that it will remain available for future readers. In WebCite, use the "opaque URL" that is very short and handy, containing a short ID like 5fYlgZkDk. Cite your document using the original URL of 'McGill Family Medicine Studies Online', and the Webcite URL of your WIKI abstract or summary. Use the following APA-style sentences for instance "Retrieved on Month Day, Year from http://mcgill-fammedstudies-recherchemedfam.pbwiki.com. Archived at WebCite® on http://www.webcitation.org/5fYlgZkDk."




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